Managing Committee


  • Mr. Ross Masood Shaikh (Founder & Chairman SIA)
  • Prof. Muzzafar P. Shaikh – Ex Principal, Poona College
  • Mr. Syed A.Q. Quadri
  • Mr. Javed S. Syed
  • Mr. Nadeem Shaikh
  • Mrs. Farha S. Shaikh
  • Mrs. Sameera N. Shaikh

Message from the Management


          We the managing committee of SPAN INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY welcome you to the Span Family! We thank you for showing trust in us and admitting your children in our academy. We pray to Allah to keep us steadfast in our intentions. Our board members are passionate about instilling value based education and serving the community. We have selected teachers with utmost care so that they create a healthy and warm environment in class-rooms which will boost students reasoning and critical thinking ability.

           We are on the same page as far as dreams and hopes for our children are concerned. We would like to dedicate the institute to the coming generations of the youth so that they can lead their obligations to the best of their abilities in light of the guidance of the Quran and the examples of the life of the Prophet (SAWS).We are confident that you will support this endeavour and we together In Sha Allah will strive to make it a grand sucess!