Teaching Practices


At SPAN, we believe that each child is different and that children learn in different ways according to their own special intelligence. Hence the concept of Activity-based learning is practiced to provide an opportunity to learners who are best at learning by virtue of doing and observing.

Span International Academy is affiliated to the Edexcel Board, UK. Edexcel, formerly known as London Examinations, is the largest awarding board in the UK of academic and vocational qualifications. Edexcel is a part of the Pearson Group.

Span International Academy will incorporate all the required learning objectives and methodologies specified in the Edexcel International Primary and Secondary curriculum into our 'in-house' curriculum in such a manner that the age specific skills of our learners will not only be at par but beyond other schools in the country.

Our learners will also appear for externally marked achievement tests and certification at the end of Grade 5 and Grade 8 to ease the transition into Secondary and IGCSE education.

Our teachers too will get regular training by qualified personnel of the Edexcel Board for successful implementation of the curriculum.

IGCSE stands for International General Certificate for Secondary Education. This exam is conducted for secondary students, i.e. tenth and twelfth standards. We at SPAN, intend to implement checkpoint tests for Grade 8 and IGCSE for Grade 10.

X-SEED is a product of iDiscoveri, which is a team of education specialists from Harvard, Cambridge, IIM and IIT.
X-SEED is a result of many years of research and work in the field of education.

X-SEED emphasizes on these aspects:
- Helps to UNDERSTAND better
- Makes us effective PROBLEM SOLVERS

X-SEED exams at Span International Academy:
X-SEED conducts the Learnometer exams to assess various parameters of a student. The Learnometer exam is conducted thrice in an academic year. Each exam is called as a PROGRESSION. In a progression, there is a test for each grade for each subject offered by X-SEED.

Understanding the needs of modern education SIA has weaved its academic curriculum along with the Islamic. The syllabus has been devised to provide continuity in learning while at the same time allowing for flexibility. Same topics are covered in multiple grades to add different perspective details and for additional emphasis. We refer to "Studies in Islam" by Maulvi Abdul Aziz as a base text from Grade 1 onwards. It will cover subjects like Islamic beliefs, good manners & morals, stories of the prophet, Life of Rasulullah, worship, sections from the Quran, stories of sahabah etc.

Considering the specific needs of the Pre-Primary Section a special syllabus is covered. The student is expected to follow good habits & Sunnah, thus enabling him/her to be a good practicing Muslim at school and at home.

Arabic Language:
Learning Arabic language will start from nursery onwards. Initially reading and writing Arabic language will be taught. Later on new Arabic words with their meanings will be introduced to increase the vocabulary of the child. Usage of sentences will be worked upon from Grade II onwards. The main aim of this course will be that the students should be able to understand the Quran.

Tajweed and Hifz:
For Hifz of Quran we will have two courses. One will be the basic course in which a student will be required to memorize the 29th & 30th para and some selected surahs (like surah Rahman, Yasin, Waqiah etc) and verses from the Quran. This course will be mandatory for all students. Along with Hifz explanations of selected verses of the Quran will also be done.